Medieval Warm Period and Pause in Warming

Review paper finds the Medieval Warm Period was worldwide and warmer than the present

One of many new papers that show that the present warming is not unusual or extraordinary. 


The Pause -note that some people use this graph to argue that the temperature has not flattened for last 15 years. See Met graph.   or below:

If you review graph carefully it correctly shows that 1998 was warmest year with largest anomaly from average and that all years since then have been cooler and that the data stops at 2007.  The 5 most recent years since have also been cooler than 1998 so the graph actually shows that the temperature trend for the last 15 years has been flat or down.  Mathematical and statistical illiteracy is rampant. See previous posts for graphs of recent temp versus computer predictions. Most of the temperature increase is rebound from the LIA so how much can be due to CO2? 



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