Does LW Back Radiation From Incremental CO2 Actually Heat Oceans?

Lots of good physics and theories on how this should work but then we see a NASA graph like this  from the ARGO floats and ask how can CO2 only heat the Southern ocean. Carbon Dioxide is throughout the atmosphere but the highest average concentrations of CO2 are generally thought to be in the Northern Hemisphere. This may not be right as the latest satellite data suggest that at various times the concentrations are highest along the tropics over the rain forests which would mean that the CO2 source attribution and takeup assumptions are off   All those joules of energy would only amount to a .01 C change which has to be smaller than the error in the measurement given the sparse ARGO coverage.  I still have problems understanding how the few incremental molecules of CO2 in the atmosphere that are close enough to the ocean surface can radiate(in 3D) enough extra energy down to the ocean to cause a measurable temp increase without heating the atmosphere. What about evaporation heat losses at the ocean surface? And how did it heat the atmosphere for 20 years and then decide to only heat the ocean? Lots of grand explanations by very smart people that don’t work in the real world.argo-change-by-hemisphere


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