Mild Warming and Higher CO2 Levels are Net Positive for Planet

Climate Change – Note that forecasts of large warming like 4 degrees C depend on two separate theories. Carbon Dioxide is a GHG(Green House Gas) but doubling the CO2 alone can only add about 1 C because of the logarithmic decline in back radiation from CO2 let alone balancing from negative feedbacks. The forecasts of greater than 1 degree C assume a second theory of large positive feedbacks (amplification) from large increases in humidity which is supposed to cause runaway warming. The 30+ years of balloon and satellite reading of the Troposphere show that is not happening. (Google missing hot spot.) The positive feedback or amplification theory has always been suspect for engineers. Positive feedbacks in nature have to be local, short term or balanced by negative feedback in long life systems.

Bottom line is the climate models based on positive feedbacks forecast warming rates that are high by 3 to 4X versus reality so the warming is way overestimated. The forecasts are so far outside reasonable confidence ranges that CO2 levels cannot be considered a major climate control knob.

Climate sensitivity

Glaciers, sea ice, ocean heating, cycles, storms, weather, etc are all just distractions and noise. The main theory that ¾ of the warming is based on doesn’t work and is wrong! The scare is over but the general public will take a while to see that man cannot control the climate.

The next big realization is that mild warming and higher CO2 levels are net positive for the planet!!

A good level of CO2 for most plants is 1500 to 2000 ppm versus current level of 400 ppm(from Greenhouse experience).  Plants die at less than 200 ppm and 1000’s of feet of biomass was laid down in the Permian when CO2 levels were 7,000 to 9,000 ppm.  Note humans/mammals breathe out 40,000 to 50,000 ppm every breath!

crop yields

grain production

CO2 plant growth


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