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High Fuel Use Activities

All leisure, travel and sports activities are not necessary so to most people, it seems like they are just levels of the same thing. Car racing, jets(travel), luxury yachts, speed boats, quads, 4×4 trucks, helicopters are all high fuel use so where do we draw a line. Over consumption and waste are real issues but high fuel use is only an issue if you believe the advocacy around CO2. People are gradually catching on that the Climate Change issue is much more than just science and physics. They also have to believe in the input assumptions and theories and the projections from climate models and then impact forecasts from notoriously unreliable economic models. Even if you believe the warming disaster forecasts, it may take much less GDP and be better for the environment and the economy to adapt to the warming versus spend trillions and cripple the economy to try control climate by reducing the increase in CO2.

What if we waste all that money, destroy our economies and bankrupt our countries with debt and it turns out that the warming is all due to natural causes?  What if we prevent third world from using cheap reliable hydrocarbon energy and hundreds of millions continue to die and the warming was all natural?


Climate Change – Belief versus Behavior

The whole world votes on Climate Change every day with their behavior. They choose to continue to grow crops, feed their families, heat their homes, commute to work, power their industries, run their electronics, drive, fly and travel to the beach, the parks and mountains. They spend their money to survive and to enjoy life.

Climate Change has been sold as an end of the world crisis but people can sense the hype, the over sold, the exaggerations… No matter how passionately anyone “believes” in Human caused Climate Change, the reality is that almost no one sees or experiences real reasons to force them to change their behavior.

Another Reality is that Cheap plentiful energy has been really good for the world.

People are gradually catching on that Climate Change is much more than just science and physics.  They also have to believe in the input assumptions and theories and the projections from climate models and then impact forecasts from notoriously unreliable economic models. It may take much less GDP and be better for the environment and the economy to adapt versus spend trillions to try reduce CO2.

The theories project that adding CO2 from burning hydrocarbons will destabilize the global climate but the world has been through a lot of natural glacial and warming cycles.  It has been much hotter, had much more CO2 (up to 20X), had faster temperature and CO2 changes and yet runaway warming has never happened.  This is what is expected as all long term systems in nature are self-correcting.  The climate changes naturally and the climate is within natural ranges so is there really much effect from man?


Are Renewables Just a Dream?


The real problem with the unreliables is not just a low EROEI but the dragged out and erratic profile of the energy delivery. Oil, coal and gas can be 100 % utilized as soon as they are available(100 % dispatchable and distributable) whereas wind and solar comes in dribs and drabs over 10 or 20 years before they break even on the original energy expended. They can never build themselves. On a net present value or time value basis they are a dead loss which is why they are and will always be uneconomic.

Unreliables do not deliver energy:

  • How it is needed – unpredictable and not 24/7/365.  Solar is 10 to 20% and wind 15 to 23% – not dispatchable.
  • When it is needed – rarely during peak demand times during day or in winter
  • Where it is needed – not easily distributed plus has normal line losses with distance. Cannot be located where is is most needed.

Wind and solar do not deliver energy how, when, or where it is needed. They are not reliable, cheap, dispachable at peak need or 24/7/365 and cannot be located near high demand areas. So called green energy has to be paired with storage or full backup to be useful so it has too low of a EROEI to power modern society. The energy comes in dribs and drabs over the years so no renewable can build itself and can never be economic on a net present value or time value basis. We need to provide cheap abundant energy to everyone which will raise the standard of living which will also solve population growth fears.

Electric Cars

Some people seem to think that electric cars will become popular enough that they will lower the demand for oil which ignores the logic trap – that  cannot occur because it would mean that oil prices would be so low that electric cars would never have better economics than gasoline cars.

Dr. John Christy -Testimony to House Science Committee

In a nonpolitical world, this Testimony  by this prominent of an expert would be viewed by anyone who understands science as Checkmate, game-set-match, QED to the Climate Alarmist view of CO2 as a Climate Control Knob.

The GHG Theory and the Positive Feedback theory both manifest themselves ( in Climate Models) first as an increased temperature in the mid Troposphere which is the main layer measured by the balloon and satellite data sets.

None of the 4 balloon or 3 satellite data sets are measuring anything close to the predicted increases so the predicted “Climate Sensitivity ”  to changes in CO2 is over estimated by several times.  Carbon Dioxide has continued to rise and over a third of the total man made CO2 has been produced in the last 20 years and yet reality is that Temperatures have not risen as predicted.  The empirical measurements say the theory is busted.

The surface temperature data sets show more warming but are also way below predictions despite the “hottest year ever” claims.  The surface set is subject to UHI error , adjustments, estimates for large areas like the arctic and questionable handling of ocean data (70% of the area!).

It is also worthwhile to read the appendix as he shows how many of the claims about adverse effects of climate change are not happening. There is no increase in droughts, wildfires, crop losses and he could have included actual decreases in tornados and hurricanes and hurricane strength.

This has become such a stupid political football and is being used to justify expensive and damaging policies such as denying cheap fossil fuel energy to the third world which will continue to cost many lives.

Dr. John Christy Testimony

Former President Of Greenpeace Scientifically Rips Climate Change To Shreds

Everyone who cares about Climate Change and the Carbon issue should read this excellent article by Patrick Moore.

Former President Of Greenpeace Scientifically Rips Climate Change To Shreds

or here


Should We Celebrate Carbon Dioxide  – Video  

Carbon Dioxide is the gas of life that enables all plant life on earth which creates everything we eat and the Oxygen we breathe.  We breathe out 40,000 to 50,000 ppm of CO2 with each breath.

The geologic records do not scientifically support the theory of CO2 as a control knob of temperature.